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Skinzone’s Zit Stick is an on-the-go spot treatment that helps accelerate the resolution of inflammatory acne lesions and thus reduces the potential for scarring and post inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

Contains Salicylic Acid in an astringent vehicle enhanced

with Retinyl Ralmitate to help dry and conceal active lesions, with a one-step process.

Enhanced with Ginger Root Extract, which promotes smoothness and eveness of skin tone, and increases radiance to the skin along with its powerful anti-septic and anti-inflammatory properties to heal and soothe skin.

Macadamia Ternifolia Seed Oil penetrates easily into skin without leaving a greasy feel, and helps moisturize acne prone skin.

Studies have shown Resveratrol inhibits growth of acne causing bacteria, without drying it out and irritating it like benzoyl peroxide can.

SkinZone Rx Zit Stick


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